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Everyday is a new video platform developed by CPH:DOX, with videos created by the users themselves.

Everyday invites everyone to join the open and digital editorial office. The users’ own perspectives secures alternative and personal views on society, making Everyday a new public voice challenging traditional media platforms. With your smartphone in your hand and your opinions and stories in focus, Everyday gives you the opportunity to evolve your skills as a video storyteller and make your stories part of our common reality.

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Do you have a story, you want to tell? An opinion you need to share with the rest of us? Or do you just want to join our open editorial office? Then don’t hold back! Get in touch and become part of Everyday. Share your opinions, your world and your everyday life, and make your own stories come alive - to be an active part of our common views on reality.

Chief editor: Frank Piasecki Poulsen (2619 3656 / frank@cphdox.dk)
Project manager: Maja Bugge (2845 0502 / maja@cphdox.dk)

The People of Christiania: Thomas (red)

17. marts 2017

After Pusherstreet was closed down, Everyday turns the lense to Christiania and the people living there: the Christianits. What is it like living in a free town? What is Christiania without...

Married to a foreigner? Then you must do a Danish exa

20. november 2016

Martha Flores has interviewed Janni Sommer Poulsen and Eyong Dirine Sommer about Jannis situation in the integration public benefit system Martha Flores har interviewet Janni Sommer Poulsen og...

Eddie har to mastergrader men arbejder som rengøringsmand

22. juni 2016

Eddie is a Ghanaian resident in Denmark. He has two Masters degrees, but is unable to find a job commensurate with his qualifications, which is why he works in cleaning. The video is a portrait...

Se Theo Bat Schandorffs fuckumentary her på Everyday

15. maj 2016

Kim Koch er et levende mysterium. Han elsker at DJ'e, men er aldrig rigtig slået igennem. Familiens smørrebrødsforretning er lukket, så Kim er arbejdsløs og har ingen penge. Det tager han nu ikke...

From Cradle to Grave

18. februar 2017

Why are people drawn to pilgrimage? What is it that we experience on personal and even spiritual and religious levels when we give ourselves to a pilgrimage? Do we look for answers? Or do we...

STUXNET in Denmark

22. juni 2015

The short film STUXNET in Denmark based on real events tells a hallucinatory realist fable about an unnamed intelligence officer who has participated in the cyber warfare attack against the Iranian...

Denmark, I understand you very well

10. maj 2016

Welfare recipient Lares gives Denmark some surprising advice. Follow Lars' example and share YOUR experiences with the Danish system. You can upload the video on this website and join us in...

In The Studio With Di Garbi

17. marts 2017

This is a small look into the Di Garbi universe and her unique way of working with both music and film as a whole.