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Flotel Europa - Interview with Vladimir Tomic
02:40 / 6. oktober 2015
Interview with Vladimir Tomic, director of the film ‘Flotel Europa’, which was screened at CPH:DOX 2015.

'Flotel Europa' is about growing up at the temporary refugee camp, Flotel Europa, a giant ship in the canals of Copenhagen. When Vladimir Tomic was 12 years old he spent two years living on the boat with thousands of other refugees from the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina waiting for asylum.

Now, two decades later, he takes us on a journey of growing up on the ship. Through recordings the refugees made for the family they left behind, the film provides an unique and personal insight in Tomic’s years living on the Flotel. But the grainy videos also tell the story about adolescent and about his first great love - Melissa with the beautiful eyes.